Handyworker Program

Handyworker Program

The Handyworker Grant Program aims to preserve the existing homes by funding minor home repairs to ensure the health and safety of eligible low- and moderate-income homeowners within the unincorporated areas of the Fourth and Fifth Supervisorial Districts.  Grants will be made only to applicants meeting the following criteria:

Elderly (62 years or older), handicapped, permanently disabled, single head of household, or large families (5+ people) and who occupy and have a vested interest in a single-family, residential property requiring repairs that are health and safety related.  Vested interest shall mean that the individual(s) is/are listed on the title/grant deed.

Contact Information

Am Vuong, Program Manager
Email: Am.Vuong@lacdc.org

Silvia Delgadillo, Program Supervisor
Email: Silvia.Delgadillo@lacdc.org