Business Incubation


The Business Technology Center (BTC) offers a collaborative support team for a community of budding entrepreneurs. Tenant companies have access to mentoring, coaching, counseling, loan programs, and business services.  Additionally, the BTC can connect tenants to venture capital and investment groups, and provides workshops, educational courses, and networking events.

Guests arriving at the BTC are greeted by a receptionist that acts as the extension of the tenant companies and manages the spacious conference rooms and mail room. The BTC offers secured 24/7 facility access, with various sized offices and suites at below market rate and flexible space increases as your business expands.

Business Incubation

  • Tenant Benefits

    -  Become Part of a Community of Entrepreneurs

    -  Receptionist Services

    -  Mentoring, Coaching, and Counseling Services

    -  Workshops, Educational Courses, and Networking Events

    -  Access to Venture Capital and Investment Groups

    -  Loan Programs

    -  Conference Rooms

    -  Below Market Rent

    -  Ability to Increase Office Space as Your Business Grows

    -  24/7 Secured Facility

  • How To Become A Tenant

    All interested companies must apply for admission to the BTC by completing an application and submitting it with a business plan. Upon acceptance into the BTC, the staff works with the CEO to set realistic goals and objectives. Mentors will assist the principals in finding the resources to meet designated benchmarks. The realization of these goals and objectives is a vital part of the mission of the BTC. 
    Application for Admissions

  • Incubator Acceleration Program

    The goal of the BTC's Incubator Acceleration Program (IAP) is to assist in the development of your new technology business through steady controlled growth and the creation of local and regional jobs. The philosophy behind the IAP is that by providing assistance in meeting your challenges, your company will be able to focus on your milestones and achieve your long-term goals.

    Incubation Acceleration Program Application

    Companies interested in the BTC Incubator Program are evaluated on the following criteria: 
    1.  A business plan reflecting the potential to grow the business and become a leading player in their market segment. 
    2.  Credit history and adequate financial resources to remain in business for at least six months. 
    3.  A strong entrepreneurial management team with experience in the industry and at least one full-time employee working in the position. 
    4.  A match between the needs of your company and the resources available within the incubator program and the community. 
    5.  Not in direct competition with other incubator clients. 
    6.  A product or service that represents a unique technology that can create a competitive advantage. 
    7.  No legal claims or lawsuits pending against the business. 
    8.  The potential job creation at wages higher than the county average. 
    9.  Demonstrate a willingness to conduct business in an open, collaborative, and cooperative fashion to include meeting the coaching and consulting requirements of the incubator. 
    10.  Have a California Business License. 

    The BTC Affiliate Program is offered for companies not eligible for tenancy under the IAP. 

  • Affiliate Program

    The BTC Affiliate Program is a member-based network designed to promote technology business growth in Los Angeles County. Membership is limited to individuals and organizations that have a professional commitment to developing successful technologies. The BTC Affiliate Program assists start up companies through education and networking opportunities, and provides a variety of other valuable resources to its members. 

    Application for Affiliate Membership

  • Contact the BTC


    Doug Cohen, Administrator

    Nina Boon

    2400 North Lincoln Avenue
    Altadena, CA 91001
    Tel: (626) 296-6300
    Fax: (626) 296-6301